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How to Identify

Roof Problems


Roofs, unfortunately, deteriorate over time. Depending of the roofing products used, roofs typically need replacement every 20 years. This is especially true in St. Albert and Edmonton, where harsh winters challenge the integrity of roofing systems. The following provides a guide to help you indentify roof problems. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.


Evaluating your Roofing System


A. Inspect the Roof’s Attic Space


  • First, check the attic space. Examine the roof’s plywood sheeting on the inside of the attic, and look for leaks, water stains, mold or other damage.


  • Also look for any damage to the rafters and beams, like rotting or mold. These are signs that water is entering your roof. This type of problem requires immediate attention. If the damage is localized, repairs can be made. 


  • Check the quantity and quality of the insulation, and reinsulate as needed. However, you must ensure that the soffits are not being blocked by insulation. The soffits (air intake vents) act to draw in air which is then expelled though the attic vents.  These are critical parts of the roofing system as they remove heat and moisture.


  • Look for a little light running around the perimiter of your roof, where the soffits are located.  This is a good sign, as it indicates that the soffits are not being blocked by insulation and that air is getting into the attic.  Again, it is critical that the soffits are not blocked by insulation.


B. Inspect the Top of the Roof


Important Note: To minimize risks and dangers, Paramount Roofing recommends that you request a free, no obligation roof inspection. We have the equipment and training to inspect your roof safely. We also carry WCB and liability insurance so there are no risks to you. Paramount operates with honesty and integrity, and will give you an objective assessment (e.g. if your roof just requires repairs rather than reroofing, we will tell you).


Here are the typical areas you want to inspect:


  • First, if you can safely access your roof, examine it. Alternatively, if your roof is pitched or angled, you can also use a zoom camera or binoculars to look for wear and damage.


  • Next, determine the type of shingles on your roof. The most common shingles are asphalt, architectural, and cedar shakes. Asphalt shingles, the most common type, have about a 20 year lifespan. 


  • In contrast, high-end architectural shingles typically have lifespans of 30 to 50 years. Not surprising, these types of shingles are usually the most expensive.


  • Look for missing, curled, ripped, broken, or cracked shingles. Also look for blisters and buckling. Again, if the problem is localized, repairs can be made.


  • Asphalt shingles, due to weathering, sunlight, and friction, break-down over time and create small granules. If your roof is comprised of these shingles, look for granule deterioration and loss. Check your roof’s eaves troughs. If they contain large amounts of granules, your home likely needs to be reroofed. You can also identify granule deterioration by looking at the actual shingles (it is easy to see).


  • Determine if there are any mold, rot, or moisture problems (including pooling water). This is a sign that shingles are not shedding water properly and need to be repaired immediately. 


  • Examine the metal flashings around the roof vents, chimney, roof valleys, and edges. If they appear worn, rusting, or not flush, water may be entering your home. As such, this problem requires immediate repairs.


  • Finally, if your roof has a low slope or angle, it may be subject to ice dams during winter. Ice dams can be identified by the formation of icicles hanging over your home's eaves troughs. If an ice dam becomes severe, melt water will back-up on the roof and enter the roof system. This problem must be addressed immediately (e.g. temporary heating cables).


Why Choose Paramount Roofing?

Paramount Roofing offers a wide range of asphalt, architectural, and cedar shingles that can meet any budget.

To request an estimate, click on the image above. It will lead you to a short form. You can also phone 780.455.0008 or e-mail us. 

Call Paramount for a free consultation or estimate at 780.455.0008, or complete our short Request an Estimate form. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

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