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How to Maintain

 Your Roof


A properly maintained roof can help you avoid problems, extend the lifespan of your roof, and save you money.  The following offers some helpful tips.  To avoid some duplication, please read the preceding page, "How to Indentify Roof Problems.” This will help you understand some of the terms discussed here.


  • Try to inspect your roofing system every Spring and Fall


  • Immediately replace any missing or damaged shingles


  • Trim tree branches and prevent them from doing any damage to the roof


  • Clear leaves, small branches, and other debris from the roof; this will prevent problems like mold, pooling water, and other damage


  • Examine roof vents, flashings, and other joints and re-caulk them where needed (e.g. waterproofing).


  • Ensure that the eaves troughs / gutters are completely free of debris; this will also prevent pooling water on the roof.  The installation of gutter guards can prevent this problem.


  • Check your attic space and ensure that it is properly ventilated and insulated. The attic space itself should be cold in the winter. This indicates that the insulation is working properly, and preventing warm air from heating your roof. In turn, the air will not melt and refreeze snow on your roof, a problem that can result in costly repairs.


  • Look for nail holes that require caulking and sealing.


  • If your roof has a low slope or angle (e.g. fairly flat), look for icicles accumulating on the eves troughs / gutters or edges of your roof.  This usually indicates an “ice dam”, a problem that can cause extensive roof damage and needs to be addressed immediately. Heating cables may act as a stop-gap and prevent damage.


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