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How to Choose a 

Roofing Contractor


Paramount Roofing knows that choosing the right roofing contractor is an important decision. This decision could affect the quality of the work and related warranties. It could also result in costly repairs and even reduce your home’s value. However, by doing some research, asking the right questions, and following some guidelines, you can identify a good roofing contractor and minimize risks.


Recommended Steps


1) Confirm that the roofing contractor is a legitimate business. There are, unfortunately, some “fly-by-night” roofers so you must be careful. Request to see a business-specific address and phone number. Also request to see a "Business Number" issued by the Canada Revenue Agency.


  • This number will contain nine (9) digits

  • A separate GST account number will contain the same nine (9) digits followed by the letters RT and four (4) digits


A business website and a Yellow Pages' listing adds to the contractor's credibility.


2) Verify that your roofing contractor has the required business licenses for the City of St. Albert or Edmonton.


3) Determine if the roofing contractor is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has a high rating. The BBB's ratings range between an “F” and “A+”. A BBB membership and rating is probably the best indicator of a contractor’s legitimacy, reputation, quality of work, and customer satisfaction record.


4) Ask the roofing contractor to provide you with proof of insurance, including Worker Compensation Board of Alberta (WCB) coverage and liability insurance. This ensures that you are protected from injury lawsuits and other legal risks. In addition, confirm that the insurance covers the entire time your roofing work will take place.


5) Request a list of references from the roofing contractor. You can call them to confirm the contractor’s quality of work and overall integrity. Questions for the references can include:


  • Did the contractor actually inspect your roof before preparing an estimate?

  • Did the contractor provide a detailed contract and fulfill all of its obligations?

  • What about the actual roofing workers?  Did they act professionally, treat your home with care, minimize inconveniences, and respect your private space as well as your neighbors?

  • Did the contractor undertake a thorough inspection of the roof when the work was completed (e.g. a documented and signed quality control checklist)

  • After the work was completed, did the contractor follow through addressing any problems you may have later identified?

  • Was the job site thoroughly cleaned when the work was completed?

  • Was the work completed on schedule?

  • Overall, were you pleased with the quality of work?

  • Would you sincerely recommend this contractor?


6) Carefully evaluate the quote prices / estimates offered by the contractors.  Remember that “low quote” contractors may not deliver the same quality (or worse) as higher-priced ones.


7) Ask your roofing contractor for proof that it has been approved by the shingle manufacturer to install the singles / roofing products you selected. This is because many roofing products require special training or certifications to ensure their proper installation. Poorly installed roofing products by uncertified roofers can nullify warranties and result in costly repairs.


8) Review the warranty information regarding the contractor’s installation work as well as the shingle / roofing products you choose. Remember that there must be separate warranties. Pay special attention to any conditions that could affect / nullify the warranties and possibly result in costly repairs.


9) Finally, and most important, ensure that you obtain a written contract.  It should detail the work, the roofing products to be used, related conditions and warranties, the work schedule, fees and prices, and clean-up and recycling or disposal arrangements.


Regardless of the roofing contractor you choose, we at Paramount Roofing enourage you to use the preceding steps. We hope your that your roofing project is a success!


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