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Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for visiting Paramount Roofing. The following provides answers to questions we typically receive. Just click on the relevant question(s). If you have any other questions, we encourage you to phone 780.455.0008 or e-mail us.

Paramount FAQ

Why choose Paramount Roofing?

We believe we are the right choice. In brief, Paramount Roofing:


  • Offers 24 years of combined roofing experience in St. Albert & Edmonton and is professionally licensed (documentation upon request)

  • Possesses a proven track record of delivering consistent, quality work

  • Achieved the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) highest rating, an A+ 

  • Earned a reputation for honesty & integrity

  • Most work results from customer referrals; committed to satisfying our customers

  • Specializes in residential reroofing

  • Treats your home with care and respect

  • Provides full warranties on our work (including the roofing products you choose)

  • Possesses WCB coverage on all of our employees (documentation upon request)

  • Also possesses general liability insurance aimed at any unforeseen risks (documentation upon request)

  • Offers a long list of references & encourages you to contact them

  • Provides a rigorous, quality control inspection of all roofing work that is fully documented, signed, and presented to you

  • Possesses the professional training and certifications to install all of the roof products and shingles we carry, including others (documentation upon request)

  • Courteous, safety-oriented employees that respect your private space and minimize inconveniences

  • Sources 95 percent of our shingles from Canadian companies and supports our economy.  Of that total, 80 percent are sourced from IKO, an Alberta company and world leader

  • Thoroughly cleans the job site, including stray nails and other tiny debris

  • Ensures the protection of your private information as per Alberta's "Personal Information Protection Act"

  • Leverages our strong relationships with Edmonton shingle suppliers, resulting in better value for our customers

  • Recycles the removed shingles when possible (e.g. turned into pavement products)

  • Offers IKO's exclusive PRO 4 Roofing System that saves you money while providing top of the line quality, durability, and attractiveness


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Do you carry liability insurance, WCB coverage, business licenses, and product installation certifications?

Yes, as a professional roofing company, we possess WCB coverage, liability insurance, business licenses, and product installation certifications from shingle manufacturers (professional training). We will be happy to show you this documentation.

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Yes, we are a member in good standing. In fact, we have earned the BBB's highest overall rating (A+) and are proud of this achievement.

Do you provide a workmanship warranty?

Yes, we offer a 5 year, transferable workmanship warranty. The shingle manufacturer also provides a warranty for the products you choose. 

What types of shingle products are available & what are their advantages & disadvantages?

Due to length of information, please follow this link.

Will all of the existing roofing material be removed?

Yes. The existing shingles will be removed right down to the bare wood. However, some homes have more than one existing layer of shingles. Our price estimate assumes there is one layer unless it is noted on the proposal.  It is rare that multiple layers of shingles go undetected before an estimate is prepared. However, if other layers are discovered during the job, every effort will be made to contact you and discuss the added costs before proceeding.

What will you do if you find rotten roof decking?

Rotten roof decking will be replaced as needed and will be charged extra at $3.00 per square foot.  Usually, rotten decking is found at the edges of the roof, right above the eaves trough.  It is rare that an extra charge for roof deck replacement materials exceeds $100.00.  If we discover a large area of rotten decking needing replacement, every effort will be made to contact you before we proceed.

My roof deck is made from boards instead of plywood. Is this a concern?

Most homes built before 1970 have a board roof deck instead of plywood. This does not usually present a problem but a few points are worth noting.


First, as the boards age, they may bend or twist but are otherwise sound.  The new shingles will not completely hide these irregularities.  Architectural shingles will disguise more than 3-tab shingles.  The only way to eliminate this problem is to re-sheet the entire roof deck.  Unfortunately, the added cost could exceed the re-roofing estimate.  Second, thousands of nails will be used to install your new shingles.  Some of them will, inevitably, penetrate between the boards. In turn, these nails will not hold the shingles as well as the nails that penetrate the wood.  Third, on some very old "heritage" homes, rough planks may have been used to sheet the roof deck.  Over time, these planks may shrink and the gaps between the boards may become too large for shingle applications.  In this rare case, the entire roof deck will need to be re-sheeted with plywood.  This will result in an extra charge. 

Will the metal roof flashings, installed where a roof meets a wall, be replaced?

No. Metal flashings, installed when your home's roof was new, are assumed reusable unless an obvious problem exists.  Flashings go up the wall and under the siding or stucco, and are very difficult to replace.

What is a low-sloped roof and what challenges does it present?

Due to the length of the information, please follow the link.

Will the colour of the new shingles be exactly like the samples I was shown?

In general, the colour will match the samples you choose.  However, shingles, like fabrics, come in dye lots and they can have some minor differences.  Usually they are not noticeable unless the dye lots are accidentally mixed.  Other factors that affect colour are the pitch of the roof, the orientation of the roof to the sun, and shade from trees or other buildings.  If a customer is very particular about a shingle colour, it is advisable to view other homes recently re-roofed with the same shingle product and colour.

Can you provide an overview of cedar shakes and their qualities?

Due to the length of the information, please follow the link.

Will the shingles be delivered before the crew arrives?

Yes. On the majority of jobs, where access is not a problem, materials will be delivered and hoisted onto your roof in preparation for the job.  The extra weight of the material will be spread out and will not create problems.  However, some material may need to be placed on the ground for safety reasons and / or roof areas the hoist cannot access.

Will I know exactly when the crew is scheduled to arrive?

Every effort will be made to keep you informed of the schedule.  The greatest challenge we face is the weather.  A forecast of rain or strong winds, for example, will delay a job.

How long will the job take to complete?

An average house with an attached garage will take 2 days to complete.  Factors that will affect the job duration include: crew size, roof area, roof pitch, and weather.

During installation, will my roof be safe over night or if a rainstorm should occur?

Yes, your roof will be safe. Crews only tear off as much roof as they can safely re-shingle in one day. They are constantly watching the sky for oncoming rainstorms and adjust the amount of exposed sheeting accordingly.  In emergencies, tarps will be used to protect an exposed home.

I have a satellite dish attached to the roof. How will it be dealt with?

Every effort will be made to re-install the satellite dish in its original location. However, any further adjustments or re-pointing will be the responsibility of the home owner.

Do I need to be home while the job is in progress?

No. However, please note that the roofing crew will need access to a power outlet. They will also need to back their dump truck or trailer as close to the house as possible.  If there is a driveway, it will need to be available.  The replacement of a roof is a noisy process and many homeowners choose to be away during this time.  Some homeowners also choose to kennel their pets during this time.

Are there potential dangers to my possessions, yard, or driveway during the job?

Usually not, but a few precautions are advisable.  Due to the nailing of the shingles, it may be wise to temporarily remove any vulnerable objects hanging on the inside walls of the house.  Any objects that are outside the house and close to the walls should be moved away, too.  If a garage is being re-roofed, any vehicles should be protected from dust or falling debris.  Finally, any cherished plants close to the house should also be moved, wrapped, or tarped to protect them.

Will the job site be thoroughly cleaned upon completion?

Yes, the eaves trough will be cleaned, the walks and driveway swept, and a bar magnet will be used to find any stray nails in plant beds and grass.

Will the job be thoroughly inspected by you on completion?

Yes, every job done by Paramount Roofing receives a rigorous final inspection.  You will receive a signed copy of the inspection report.  After the inspection has passed, payment will be accepted.

How do you protect the privacy of my personal information?

Paramount Roofing is committed to protecting your private information, and we take this responsibility seriously.  For a more detailed answer, click here.

Can I pay my invoice with a Debit card, MasterCard, or Visa?

Yes, we can process these payments. 

Are their technologies that can help me "visualize" how new shingle products will look on my roof?

Yes. Most of our shingle suppliers offer online tools that can help you visualize how their shingles will look on your roof. Typically, all you need is a PC (or a Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone) and a photo of your home. You then upload your photo to the company's website, follow some short instructions, and then choose a shingle(s) to test.


Of course, Paramount would be happy to discuss shingle options with you in person. Besides offering a range of actual shingle samples and options, we can also take a picture of your home and upload it using Paramount's Laptop computer or Smart Phone (free service). Just call us at 780.455.0008. You can also complete our short Request an Estimate form or e-mail Paramount.


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Paramount Roofing offers a wide range of asphalt, architectural, and cedar shingles that can meet any budget.

To request an estimate, click on the image above. It will lead you to a short form. You can also phone 780.455.0008 or e-mail us. 

We encourage you to contact Paramount for a free consultation or estimate at 780.455.0008, or complete our short Request Estimate form, or e-mail us. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

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