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Paramount's IKO "Shield Pro" Contractor Certification: How it can Benefit You


IKO, an Alberta-based roofing products manufacturer, is one of the world's leading shingle companies. It also produces the Cambridge Architectural Shingle line, Canada's most popular shingles. By meeting IKO's strict criteria, including a track record of training, quality work, and strong customer satisfaction levels, Paramount Roofing is a certified Shield Pro Plus contractor. This is an exclusive club-- there is only one (1) other roofing contractor in St. Albert or Edmonton (capital region) that can offer you the same benefits.


So what exactly are these benefits? Paramount offers you IKO products with extended warranties. In some cases, these warranties can be increased by as much as five (5) years. IKO also covers costs associated with removing and recycling the old singles, saving you $100s. Non-certified roofers using Canada's most popular shingle products cannot offer their customers the same benefits.


The bottom line is that Paramount Roofing can provide your home with a superior roofing product package, one that is designed to conquer our area's cold climate for many years to come and look great.  In addition, you will save money, gain the security of an extended roofing warranty, and add to your home's value!

Package Details


This roofing package, or the PRO 4 Roofing System, offers the most popular roofing options at an excellent price. It is comprised of the following products:


  • IKO Cambridge Limited Lifetime Architectural Shingles – Canada’s best selling shingle


  • IKO Hip & Ridge Plus Ridge Capping – modified blend and pre-cut to perform in a critical area


  • IKO Armourgard (44” wide) Ice & Water Shield – a second line of defense along eaves and in valleys 


  • IKO Leading Edge + starter shingles – sealant strip at the bottom edge for a tight seal


The following warranties are included:


  • IKO ShieldPRO plus+ Iron Clad Extended Warranty


-Increases the Iron Clad Protection Period from fifteen (15) years to twenty (20) years


-Includes Tear-off (removing old shingles) and Recycling Costs, Saving you $100s'


  • Upgrade Paramount Roofing's transferable Workmanship Warranty from five (5) to six (6) years.


Again, this package offers homeowners outstanding quality, durability, warranties, value, savings, and more!  We invite you to give Paramount a call at 780.455.0008 today to further discuss IKO's package and / or request a free estimate.  You can also complete our Request Estimate form or e-mail us.  We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

IKO's Cambridge Architectural Shingles are designed to conquer our area's cold climate while looking great!  It is no surprise that Cambridge is Canada's most popular shingle line.

To request an estimate, click on the image above. It will lead you to a short form. You can also phone 780.455.0008 or e-mail us. 

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